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Do you need a Realtor when buying a new home?

Do you need a Realtor when buying a new home?
You can buy a new home without a Realtor but there are a few things you should keep in mind:
1. An agent's services are free to the buyer. Why not use a Realtor? An experienced buyer's agent will save the buyer money, builders do not discount the price because the buyer has no representation. 
2. The on site sales representative represents the builder. Their loyalty is to the builder. If the on site sales representative insist on you not having a Realtor, you should ask yourself why? If they have nothing to hide then there is no reason to have someone looking out for your best interest.
3. A typical home buyer may purchase 1 or 2 homes in their lifetime. A buyer's agent does this for a living and has been involved in many different types of transactions. This is knowledge you need on your side. 
4. A buyers agent is more than some one with keys to a home. We guide you through the entire buying process, counsel you on the best choice…