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Shopping For A Home? Here’s The Best Day To Go Looking

Shopping For A Home? Here’s The Best Day To Go Looking It’s Sunday morning.  You’re scheduled to go out and see houses later on with your real estate agent. But it’s nasty outside. It’s beyond pouring. You can’t even imagine walking from the car into a house. You’d rather just cancel the appointment and hang inside, maybe watch some TV. You can always go see the house next weekend. But should you wait for next weekend?  Should you even wait to go see houses only during the weekend?  There’s five weekdays you can go see houses. Is there a better day than a Sunday? What if someone else scoops up the house before you end up getting out to see it? Right?! Sure. Totally a possibility. And, totally a reason to motivate and go see that house today in the rain. But that’s not the point of this article. The point is that the best day to see a house is not necessarily Sunday. It’s also not necessarily not Sunday. The best day to go see a house is when it’s raining. Even better if it’s raining h…